Mission Statement

The Network of Dialogical Practices

“For a human being there is nothing more terrible than a lack of response” – Mikhail Bakhthin

While the Network for Dialogical Practices developed out of the family therapy field, its focus is much broader. The network focuses on promoting participative professional practices in different professional arenas, including the field of mental health, youth care, education, human resources management. The network is not an association, there is no board or committees. It is a gathering where people can participate in the dialogue around relevant topics. This website is the centre point of the network. All that are interested can subscribe for the newsletter. Everybody is invited to send information for the newsletter, or to open up a forum discussion.

Building on existing good practices

We want to make progress by concentrating on already existing but unnoticed resources in people’s current relationships and human connections. We want to work from within relationships with clients, to share with them, ‘there’, ‘in the moment’, the complexity, contingency, and simplicity of their lives. We do not want to control people, to solve their problems for them, or simply to alleviate their symptoms. We want to place ourselves WITHIN the communication with clients, to share ideas and feelings with them, to be present to them. In taking this ‘in the moment’ attitude, when we do not know where to go next, we take the open-ended path of the unknown – which a space of relational responsiveness in which everyone’s voice can be heard, and in which previously unavailable resources in and between people can emerge.

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