The Narativ Group – Symposium Horizonty: november 2014

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2014 Summer school for Family Therapy

 Dialogical space, silences full of voices, withness thinking, clouds, moments of meeting, anger, psychosis, internal shifts, orientations and responsivity…. 

These are some of the themes that were discussed in last year’s summer school. 

The link with family therapy practice might not be immediately obvious and in these times of accountability and austerity the question can be posed if it makes sense to talk about these things in a summer school for family therapy. 

We are convinced it makes sense because it makes us richer persons and better therapists if we look beyond disorders and diagnoses; beyond problems and solutions.  We are oriented towards finding ways to practice family therapy, with some measure of understanding, with respect and with dignity; for them and for us.

In the summer school we aim at catching some glimpses of the mysteries of living life together; the joy, the pain and the never-ending tensions between me and the others. 

This will help us to help the families who put their trust in us.

Time and venue
The summer school is planned in the week of 18-22 August 2014, in Leuven, Belgium.

Peter Rober, John Shotter, Jaakko Seikkula, Jim Wilson and Justine van Lawick

More information & registration
The new leaflet and the website of the Summer School 2014 is available! Registration is possible at: