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Many of us met in Kristiansand at the

Third International Conference on Dialogical Practices, 23-25 September, Kristiansand, Norway
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The conference created a space where many people from different nationalities and contexts came together to get inspired and to share reflections, good food and music.

You can find some of the presentations on our website, please have a look.  During the conference the speakers were invited to give a shortversion of their talks on film: They should be available via this link.

If others wish to share more, please let us know!

Ideas for the nearby future:
– There are plans for a summer school in Czech Republic and for a next conference in Italy.
– More steps on the way in the landscape of open dialogue and creativity.

We will keep you informed as soon as we know more,

For now, we wish you all space for many open dialogues and creativity


The following words of Jim Wilson are an invitation for reflections, please contribute to this important dialogue!

Jim Wilson on Creativity :

I’m interested in exploring ideas and practices that encourage the expression of creativity in Mental Health and Social Care Education and other services to people. Stories from practice, inspiring ideas and references, tips and philosophical commentaries are all welcome. Creativity is  a slippery concept so deepening our understanding of what is meant by creativity is multi-dimensional . To offer an opening to the dialogue here is a recent story from my experience.
Yesterday I attended a lecture by Nawal El Saadawi, the Egyptian feminist writer.  Over many years she has encountered and overcome powerful opposition to her political critique of patriarchy, her fight for women’s rights,   her fight against male and female genital mutilation, classism and impoverishment. Her novels deal with all these, contentious matters.  For over sixty years she has spoken out through periods of extreme political repression in her country. What impressed me most was her continuing spirit of curiosity, an undying capacity to ask the question WHY?I paraphrase some of her words here :
 “Creativity is challenge . , a sense that something is not right  leads us to creativity , to challenge , to resist and to ask the question; Why is this so ?  We learn by questioning. How can we believe in something without questioning it? We get organised by a fear of offending the status quo.  Creativity includes acts of dissidence.”
What then for us in the fields of mental health and social care practices when so many of us feel we have no option but to comply with practices we   feel uncomfortable  with at best  and, at worst,  complying with acts and policies that contradict our  ethical values of what  is  humanising practice.?
These are not easy questions to answer but they are vital to address in ourselves and to ask of  others if we are not to become silenced by the  rattling machines  of  measurement and the  over simplification of what really works to help clients and patients.
El Saadawi believes that change through practice, writing and co-operation with others ultimately makes creative possibilities flourish. I welcome your contributions.

Jim Wilson

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